This Spring we will be virtually hosting Clovis North's very first Innovation Challenge!

This is a challenge where you and a team have 48 hours to create a unique project that tackles a certain challenge (the topic of this challenge will be addressed at the beginning of the event).

Team sizes can vary from 1-6 participants per team, if you’d like to participate in a team please note who you’d like to be in a team with when registering.

Your project can be related to any type of creative innovation, like videography, photography, art, programming, and more!

The purpose of this challenge is to expose participants in an intense, yet exciting event where individuals can collaborate in an effort of creating a new innovation to help address a certain issue.

Prizes will be given out to the winners of the event and everyone will receive a digital certificate showcasing participation of Clovis North Coding Club's first ever innovation challenge!

Participants are highly encouraged to share this event with as many friends, relatives, etc.!

We're all excited to see you at this challenge, and more information regarding this challenge will come out as the weeks progress.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please address any of the admins and we'll be sure to respond as quickly as possible!