Hey all, here you can meet the dream team that helped make this club possible.

staring into your soul

First we have our glorious leader, Deepro Pasha,  who is a senior at Clovis North High School, and the president and founder of the Clovis North Coding Club. He has a wide variety of knowledge about DIY electronics, Raspberry Pi's, Arduinos, robotics, computational genomics, image processing, numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and front/backend web design. Deepro additionally has experience with project management and research. He has used Python, Java, C++, Php, JavaScript, HTML, MATLAB, CSS and various frameworks for his numerous activities. In his free time, Deepro enjoys playing guitar of various genres, reading science fiction books (his favorite series is Cixin Liu's Remembrance of Earth's Past Series), and working on various side projects. Email for contact: DeeproPasha001@cusdstudent.com (school).


Next we have our Vice President Daniel Wang. A junior at Clovis north his main languages are Java and C# for game design. His main focus currently is both a combination of Data Science as well as an admit in the MIT Quhack for 2020 🥳. He is also the main head currently of the Innovation Challenge that will occur this Spring.

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Coming in fast we have Manal Sultan our Treasurer. Manal is a current 11 grader and is the Treasurer of the Coding Club. She is a Swift/C# developer. Manal has been experimenting with coding since the 6th grade. She is leading our Tutorial series of videos to help introduce students to coding as seen here. On her free time, Manal enjoys browsing streetwear blogs and photography.

engaging in Eboy activity 

Rolling in next, we have Nathan Maldonado, our Secretary. Though mainly a Java dev, he focuses on team discussions and manages records as our secretary. However, in his free time, he enjoys drinking unhealthy amounts of boba and watching psychological thrillers.

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Up next we have our Outreach Coordinator Jonah Bedouch. Mainly a Python and JavaScript Full Stack Developer he mainly focuses on backend code, but can help and build anything you need. In his free time he enjoys learning about other languages and watching anime.

new kid on the block

Here we have our rising star Gabrielle Yeager, our Social Media Manager. You may also know her as the President of the Hold the Door Club here at CNEC. She is new to coding, but not to graphic design or video editing. In her free time, she enjoys investigating ARGs, watching anime, and making video edits of her favorite fictional characters.


Finally we have yours truly the person who wrote this article (me), I'm Chandrasekhar Sharma or just Chandra. I'm a full stack dev with mainly a focus on backend and database management. I use Java & C++ predominately and a sprinkle of JavaScript. When I'm not managing this website you can usually find me playing Minecraft or reading cheap Sci-Fi and High Fantasy books he finds on Amazon.